Amatsu is deeply rooted in Japanese medicine with many doctors being Anma Practitioners. Amatsu is a combination of Eastern Therapy and Western Science.

Unlike many other therapies Amatsu is a whole body corrective therapy which uses a variety of balancing, massage, realigning and mobilisation techniques, helping all elements to work together in order to regain health, function,balance and help alleviate any pain symptoms that the client may have.

Apart from physical injury and trauma our body finds many strategies to cope with the everyday stresses and strains of life. The body is amazing in its ability to keep going, however each time we encounter a problem the body adapts to cope. If left unchecked the healing process will be prolonged and the symptom(s) can mask the underlying cause.

Amatsu can help by keeping the body aligned and is based on the idea of the "Godai" or "Big five".  This is five factors which all have a big impact on how our body responds to everyday life. The ideal is to keep them all in on an even keel, if one should go out of balance then it will pull the others out of alignment.

The five factors are:

  • Environmental   =  Where, When and how you do what you do.
  • Physical            =   Bone structure, muscles and ligaments
  • Emotional         =   Your thoughts and emotions
  • Chemical          =   Food, hormones and digestive system
  • Electrical          =   Nervous system and energies within the body.